Quiz System

Using the Quiz System

The quiz system is designed to be flexible and to meet the needs of someone who is preparing and assessing at the same time.  Sometimes people complain about the fact that it only gives you one chance to answer a question.  It does this so that you don’t have to click a Submit button to score your choice.  The quiz system is designed to minimize the number of clicks you have to make.

It will push you through the exam at a predetermined pace.  By default, it uses 25 to 35 seconds.  You can always push the Stop button to have more time to look at a question.  You can mark a question for later review.  The quiz system pushes you through the exam at a relatively brisk pace so that you the best chance of passing.  Probably the leading cause of failing is a failure to complete the exam in a timely manner.  By working with the quiz system to use its timing, you’ll finish your exam in about lots of time to review.  This leaves you plenty of time to review the marked questions.

The radio button options at the top of the quizzer main page allows you to customize the amount and type of feedback you get during your quiz sessions.  A very important option is the Randomize checkbox.  When you choose that, it will juggle the order of the questions and the answers.  This can give new life to old questions that you might have memorized earlier.

Another nice feature is to turn off Concise. This will prepend and append fluff and ‘management speak’ to most questions, making them longer and a tad more confusing.  It helps to train you to read quickly and identify key issues more efficiently.

How Tricky are the Exams?

Very tricky.  The difficulty comes in a couple of areas. First of all, over time, CompTIA will torture a definition until it is almost unrecognizable.  In my opinion, CompTIA does very little peer-review of their test items.  This allows a fair amount of prejudice and misunderstanding to creep in. Look at the course materials.  CISSP also stretches the meaning of many terms.  They are not as bad as CompTIA, but they do have their quirks.

CEH exams often reflect poor grammar and the nature of questions tends to be definitional, list-based and occasionally requires product-specific knowledge.  The notes sections of the official ECC slides is good to review.  With 1600+ pages, there is a lot of ground to cover.

Also, CompTIA is the “Master of Distractors”.  They are simply darned good at creating fictional options that look like everyday security principles.  This is where your knowledge of the acronyms is critical.  If you see a word/topic and you are wondering if it exists, it probably doesn’t.  Go with your gut on this.

How Do I Know When I’m Ready?

When you have randomize the questions, taken all the final exams and have scored 90% to 95%, you are ready.