CompTIA Security+ Exam: SY0-501

CompTIA Security+ Exam: SY0-501

The content of this revision of the Security+ exam is 65% similar to SY0-401. New to this version:

  • More on mobile security
  • A focus on 3rd party authentication systems
  • Development methodologies
  • Risk frameworks
  • Less on crypography
  • Much on IoT security
  • Probably fewer simulations
  • More multiple answer/multiple choice

If you are under the DOD 8140/8570.1M mandate, Security+ is your best choice.  If you have years of experience in policy, management and technology, you may not need this information.  You could just buy a book and prepare.  But, be forewarned: CompTIA exams are very difficult.

This CompTIA exam is tricky and quite broad.  It largely revolves around the published outline, but it frequently goes well beyond that.  In addition, CompTIA has a way of torturing definitions to the point that they are unrecognizable on the exam.  Often, this works to confuse those with the most experience.  There is correct, and then there’s CompTIA correct.

This quiz system focuses on the exam.  We only teach a topic for one of two reasons.  It’s directly mentioned in the exam, or is fundamental to understanding subsequent topics.  We stick to the CompTIA exam topics.  If it’s simply fun to know, it’s not a part of it.

Each domain is covered in depth.   Our goal is for you to be able to leave being to pass the test. Gaining the savvy you need to pass the exam is not a hands-on skill.

The quiz system is designed to thoroughly test you.  It covers the acronyms, definitions and every topic tested.  It is not a brain dump.

The quiz system was written in HTML and JavaScript and lets a student both learn and assess progress.  It is made available to all students and sites using the quiz system as well as by purchase here. Almost everyone rates this as  the best part of the learning.  It is not time- or use-limited.

The quiz systems for Security+, CEH, CND and CISSP are available at: