CEH v10

The CEH v10 looks mostly like CEH v9 and v8.  The new Modules are Vulnerability Analysis and IoT Hacking.  The Vulnerability Module seems to be extracted from Scanning and perhaps Footprinting.  The IoT Module is 100 pages, but fairly spare on the exam.

  • A few exhibits are present, but are in-line. You don’t click a button to display … they are right on the main page.
  • There are some impossible questions that seem to have no answer.  I saw a couple of those.
  • There seems to be little or nothing on the new Modules of IoT and Vulnerability Analysis.
  • BlackBerry is still on the exam.  All in all, it is a do-able exam.

Make sure you know this:

  • Nmap switches/parameters
  • Heartbleed and Shellshock lore
  • Terminology and definitions.  Read between the slides in your books.  They LOVE things that are in a list.
Updated: January 31, 2019 — 5:24 pm