CEH Exam Snafu

CEH Exam Snafu

When you go in to test with Vue, the signup is a bit involved and there is some misinformation.  You will have to have a Vue.com account., Then, they make it a pain to locate EC Council, and then the test you want.  To be sure, you want the 312-50 CEH exam.

You will not find CEHv9.  There is only CEH.  They call it being de-versioned.  It makes it cheaper and faster to put the exam into production.  CEH has to be certified by ANSI each time there is a new exam release.  So, they have chosen to simply re-write the old exam and give it a generic title.

The downside is the hard cut-over.  New exam content goes live immediately, with no dual exam compatibility period.  If you took the CEHv8 course the last week of November 2015, the test will still be CEHv9.

One more big item.  As you sign up with Vue, you are prompted to choose your exam (CEH 312-50) and put in the payment voucher, then the permission access code (you get this in class to show you were an attendee), and then the scary part.  The final purchase prompt says you are buying CEHv8.  Don’t sweat it.  You are still taking CEHv9.  CEHv9 is the only test that is active and live in the CEH line of tests.

Updated: November 20, 2015 — 1:34 pm