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Certified Ethical Hacker Class

CEH v10

The CEH v10 looks mostly like CEH v9 and v8.  The new Modules are Vulnerability Analysis and IoT Hacking.  The Vulnerability Module seems to be extracted from Scanning and perhaps Footprinting.  The IoT Module is 100 pages, but fairly spare on the exam. A few exhibits are present, but are in-line. You don’t click a […]

CEHv9 Review

The CEHv9 exam seems to be much less an archaeology adventure than previous versions. To be sure, it still has a few rather old items within.  But, the overall question quality is much higher.  There are a number of mystery questions, which to answer them, you must know the mind or even history of the […]

CEH Exam Snafu

CEH Exam Snafu When you go in to test with Vue, the signup is a bit involved and there is some misinformation.  You will have to have a account., Then, they make it a pain to locate EC Council, and then the test you want.  To be sure, you want the 312-50 CEH exam. […]

CEHv9 Changes

CEHv9 Changes There is a new CEH version: CEHv9. The debut was November 1, 2015.  Here are the changes: Trojans and Backdoors has been combined with Viruses and Worms to form one chapter Cloud computing has been added Buffer overflow is deleted There are 400 more slide pages Increase lab count from 100 to 140 […]